Our Boeing 737-800 Simulator's Technical Details

  • Fully equipped, authentic replica of Boeing 737-800’s cockpit
  • Motion platform: electric 3DOF
  • Visual system: direct projection onto a curved screen, field of view 180° horizontal/50° vertical, resolution: 3x Full-HD, parallax correction (Pilot’s Eye Reference Point’s displacement CPT-Neutral-F/O
  • Aircraft performance and simulation model true to the original (B737-800, engines CFM56-7B27)
  • Professional simulation environment (Lockheed Prepar3D)
  • Complete simulation of the aircraft systems
  • Simulation of system failures and emergency situations
  • Electronic Flight Bag via Tablet-Computer
  • Extensive special equipment (smoke simulation, functional and original oxygen masks, intercom and much more
  • Our cockpit provides enough space for 4 persons (Instructor + 3 guests)
  • Professional instructor station to control the simulation or via tablet computer
  • Closed, air-conditioned cabin with live Full-HD broadcasting to our aviation lounge

The simulator fulfills most of the technical requirements for FNPT-II/MCC type simulators according to EASA CS-FSTD(A).