Training #2: MCC Refresher

Time in the simulator: 2 hours (€399, -)

Ideally, pilots thinking about taking this session have the following qualification: CPL, ME/IR MCC

This refresher is designed to enable pilots to go through the procedures and operations expected during multi-crew operations. The ideal collaboration and synergetic use of the available resources (MMC/CRM) has become an essential factor in modern aviation. But just as any other skill, this should be trained regularly.

The focus is to maintain the understanding of roles in the cockpit and application of flow structures to run a safe and efficient cockpit environment. With your instructor, you will run through both normal and non-normal situations to enhance and develop your existing knowledge.

Once your booking is processed, we will provide you with the basic generic procedures used during the session. Following that, you'll have enough time to prepare for the session and get the most efficient use of your time in the simulator.

Among others, the training covers the following topics:

  • Pre-TO checks and departure briefings
  • Manual Take Off and SID departure
  • En-route Situation develops to be dealt with using DODAR principles
  • Vector-based guidance for a manual ILS approach
  • Go-Around procedures
  • EFATO with a following OEI ILS approach to land

Inquiries and requests:

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