Training #3: IFR Refresher

Time in the simulator: 3 hours (€499, -)

Ideally, pilots thinking about taking this session have the following qualification: Instrument Rating

This training is designed to refresh IFR-relevant skills and operational behaviour. Depending on the individual training level, the training content will be modified individually (just as required). Our simulator can be configured for each aerodrome and situation, so there is nothing to prevent your tailor-made training session. Additionally, depending on requirement/preference, Jeppesen or LIDO charts can be provided.

Once your booking is processed, we will provide you with the basic generic procedures used during the session. Following that, you'll have enough time to prepare for the session and get the most efficient use of your time in the simulator.

Among others, the training covers the following topics:

  • General handling
  • VOR & NDB tracking
  • Position fixing / Situational awareness
  • SIDs and STARs
  • Holdings
  • Procedures and methods, Instrument training
  • Precision and non-precision approaches

Inquiries and requests:

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 / 37 30 23 70