Training #4: Screening Preparation

Time in the simulator: 2 hours 30 minutes (€449, -)

Ideally, pilots thinking about taking this session have the following qualification: CPL, ME/IR MCC

This session is designed for your individual preparation for an upcoming simulator assessment. As our delacred goal, we want to provide you with a good level of self-confidence for your upcoming screening. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to practice extensively and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

During all screening sessions, special attention is given to communication and cooperation with your training partner. In addition to the basic handling criteria, we pay particular attention to your MCC/CRM relevant performance.

Once your booking is processed, we will provide you with the basic generic procedures used during the session. In most cases, the corresponding airline will provide a specific briefing package, which can be used instantly. Otherwise, we will train with a standardised program based on numerous screenings currently done by certain airlines.

Among others, the standardised training covers the following topics:

  • Detailed briefing/debriefing
  • Pre-TO checks and departure briefings
  • Manual departure (SID)
  • VOR- and position-tracking
  • Holding
  • En-route air work (basic handling)
  • Vector-based guidance for manual ILS-approach (raw data) incl. go-around
  • EFATO following with OEI ILS approach until landing (raw data)

Inquiries and requests:

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 / 37 30 23 70